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The Ultimate™ Protection from stone chips and impacts!

Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a 0.2mm, optically clear film digitally cut to custom fit your car and then professionally applied to protect your painted surface from daily hazards such as stone chips, tree branches and sharp objects. Opti-Coat PPF Ultra features a self-healing top coat that reforms and repairs light scratches in the film and maintains a high gloss.

Film Coverage Options

Car Paint Protection Film - Professional Quality & Installation

Our Opti-Coat dealers are experienced professionals using the ultimate in paint protection film. Their installation expertise, combined with the Opti-Coat PPF software, ensure form-fitted perfection guaranteed against defects such as delamination, cracking and yellowing for up to 10 years.

So What Exactly Is Paint Protection Film And How Does It Work?

You may be familiar with terms like, car-bra or clear mask, invisible car shield or some other variations but they all relate to the same thing - namely, car paint protection film.

If you are a fan of maintaining the nice new look'n'feel of your automotive dream ride, then you are going to want to take a closer look at how paint protection film, could be an investment that is truly worthwhile. As a near invisible form of paint chip protection, this application not only extends the lovely new look of your car, which these days can be a hefty investment of time, money and passion, but also protects it's resale value down the track if you are ever prepared to let your baby go.

What Sort Of Protection Does Paint Protection Film Offer?

The Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film, does an exceptional job of protecting your car against a host of destructive risks out there on the highway and even in the local shopping centre car park. For starters the high impact resistant film which is a urethane polymer, protects against scratches, stone chips and other road launched debris. It is a first line of defence against bird droppings, chemical contaminants, bug splattering and acid rain.

The sun's ultraviolet rays are also inhibited which helps with the prevention of paint fade, which is especially helpful for car paint that is light absorbent, or dark colours that don't reflect UV's so well.

So How Does Paint Protection Film Work To Protect My Car?

Being a urethane polymer construction, car paint protection film has elastic properties which aid in the original shape being restore, when the surface flexes out of shape due to the impact of a stone for example. This is described as a self healing property and is one of the main attractions for adding in this extra layer of protection for your car's paint work. It is important to remember that to fully protect your vehicle from any kind of damage, you had best leave it in the garage wrapped in cotton wool permanently. We all know that unless you are a fastidious car collector who treats their cars like investments, you are going to be like the rest of the motoring public and launch that thing from the garage for an enjoyable ride. Heck that is the reason you were taken by the car's beauty in the first place, and here's the are not going to get 100% protection for all foreign objects hitting your vehicle when you are out and about. 

Nothing is going to offer that level of total protection, as some rocks that hit your vehicle flipped up by a semi trailer you are stuck behind are going to be large enough to dent your car no matter what paint protection film you choose to apply. But that being said, the majority of the time, it is the annoying small debris and stones that fly up and strike your car that do the most common damage on the highway. Opti-Coat paint protection film will serve you well in these situations.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth The Investment?

When it comes to the cost of paint protection film, it has a lot to do with the condition of the car before the application process can begin. If your car is going to be covered completely or just a partial cover of the vehicle, the cost is going to vary. The type of car shape will provide another level of complexity that needs to be considered when estimating the overall of cost of applying the protection film.

Cars with lots of curves and panels are going to be more time consuming that vehicles that have fewer panels and are flatter in their design structures. Best to keep this in mind when shopping for the best price online, as some service providers may entice you into their facility with general estimations, only to bump out a more realistic price on the visual inspection of your automobile.

It is also important to consider the overall condition of your car when estimating cost's involved with car paint protection film applicators. If for example there are paint imperfections these need to be rectified before you can install the film, which is going to add to the cost of the overall job.

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