Opti-Coat - The Secret To Our Success

The secret to our success is in our origin. The same unique base coat resin. Enhanced but never modified.

Over 10 years ago, the original Opti-Coat Pro entered the market as the first Silicon Carbide based coating for automotive surfaces. Still to this day, in an industry flooded with ceramic paint protection brands from all over the world, Opti-Coat stands as a unique formulation amongst a forever expanding list of products. Why is this?

For those in the industry its common knowledge, and even for those not, it probably comes as no surprise that the number of actual manufacturers of automotive protection coatings is fairly limited. The small number of manufacturers make the large number of brands. A small percentage of these brands are their own labels, and the large percentage are private labels made by these manufacturers for marketing companies selling the same coatings under a different label. Opti-Coat is one of these manufacturers but our original base coat formulation is kept exclusive to our own brand. This business model is why Opti-Coat is considered the standard in protection coatings and what all other brands are compared to, to this day.

Using the same base coat resin from our original formula is not an indication that Opti-Coat hasn't evolved over the years. We have enhanced our end product which resulted in the launch of Opti-Coat Pro Plus. It's how we did this that is important. Enhanced but not modified.

And this is why Opti-Coat Pro Plus is a two part system and what we really mean when we say our success is in our origin. By creating a two part system that bonds to the paint and to each other we were able to retain the protection and durability factor that Opti-Coat is renowned for, while increasing other less important aspects such as gloss and slickness. We say less important because we truly believe the function of a protective coating should be to protect. And Opti-Coat does it better than any.