Opti-Coat Pro+ V2 - New Generation Ceramic Paint Coating

Opti-Coat is excited to announce the release of our next generation Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coating

The new generation Opti-Coat Pro+ produces extreme hydrophobic surfaces that greatly increase the non-stick effect of industrial pollution making maintenance of your new vehicle easier than ever. Opti-Coat Pro+ retains the same Silicon Carbide (SiC) chemistry as before, but with a new rapid curing process, the ceramic paint coating hardens quickly to produce a smooth glass type effect that releases dirt and grime to keep the vehicle cleaner for longer.

The new Opti-Coat Pro+ also contains 25% more resin. Combined with its rapid curing process this means more coating bonded to your vehicle for greater long term protection and resistance to abrasion.

To find out more about the new Opti-Coat Pro+ ceramic paint coating contact your local dealer today at www.opticoat.com.au/dealers