New Car Plastic Trim Protection Coating

Prevention is better than cure! Paint protection is always the focus of new car owners, but it is also important to protect plastic trim from future fading.

And the new Optimum Opti-Trim Protect is designed to exactly that. Opti-Trim is a hybrid of our Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Coating containing an additional acrylic resin and advanced UV protection for application on plastic trim surfaces.

Unlike traditional silicone based dressings that leave a greasy unnatural finish that is short lived and attracts dust, once the Opti-Trim is applied it chemically bonds with the plastic substrate providing years of protection from UV fading and oxidation. The finish is a natural satin sheen that is non greasy, and is hydrophobic!

Opti-Trim is also available for older vehicles to restore faded plastic trim called Opti-Trim Restore. Opti-Trim restore contains the same advanced UV protection to provide a long term solution to help prevent future fading.


Sunday, 14 December 2014 8:58:16 AM Australia/Sydney

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