For new vehicles, we supply Opti-Coat with an "optional" single stage correction or above, however being optional does not mean it should necessarily be dismissed in all circumstances. Occasionally we do receive vehicles that have been delivered in exceptional condition, but this is often not the case. Due to this fact many Opti-Coat dealers include a single stage polish in their pricing as standard.

Discuss with your Opti-Coat dealer what they recommend for your vehicle and what to expect. Vehicles are often delivered with a machine glaze applied that will conceal fine paint defects. During the Opti-Coat application process, all these glazes and waxes need to be removed prior to coating to allow the Opti-Coat to make its bond with the bare paint. This will then reveal the true condition of your vehicle.

Once Opti-Coat Pro is applied to these defects, the only way to remove them in the future is to remove Opti-Coat first. Make your decision based on condition of the vehicle, your expectations, and budget available.

Thank you to Elite Finish, Adelaide for the before and after paint correction photo.